We aim to partner with Springfield institutions to organize events that will serve to remember the 1908 Springfield Race Riot while providing a platform for students, educators, and community members to investigate division issues in both historic and contemporary society. As the events of 1908 were met largely with myopic indifference, we want to mark its centennial by using discourse and increased awareness as a catalyst for unpacking tensions, acknowledging difficult truths, and working toward balancing social inequities in the world at large. 


Over the next few months this site will develop into a central access point for events scheduled to occur in Fall 2008 at UIS, the Illinois State Museum, the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum, as well as others in and around the Springfield area. In addition to a comprehensive calendar, we will have descriptions of events, links to other institutions, and scholarly resources.


In 1908...  Remembering the Springfield Race Riots

Events Calendar

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